10 Tips for Proper Heavy Bag Training

Hitting the heavy bag is one thing. Hitting the heavy bag with pro technique and getting the workout of your life is a  different story. Team BU is here to help you get that bag swinging even more and keeping your body injury free while doing so!

  1. Wrap Your Hands Properly –This is essential. Starting with a strong base is key to preventing injuries. Wrapping your hands allows you to hit harder and protect your knuckles and wrists. If you’ve never wrapped your hands before, our staff will help you until you’re comfortable doing it yourself.
  2. Protect Yourself– When the round starts, get in your boxing stance and get those gloves up by your face.  A proper boxing stance allows you to move more freely and keeps you stable. Feet should be staggered with your non-dominant foot forward, about shoulder width apart, and have your arms up and gloves in front of your face. Your arms and legs may be tired, but this will keep you in proper form and lead to those power-packed punches.
  3. Know Your Distance– Measure out the distance to the bag prior to the rounds starting. Get a feel for where your punches are going to land. For jabs and crosses, you are standing away from the bag, with a full arm extension to it. For hooks and upper cuts, stand closer to the bag.
  4. Torque Your Punches– When hitting the heavy bag, it is important to make sure the proper knuckles are hitting it to prevent injury and to add more power. The two knuckles that hit the bag are your pointer and middle finger knuckles. To achieve this, think of the same motion of pouring water out of a cup.
  5. Breathe, Breathe, Breathe – Breathing is very important for utilizing full force into the heavy bag. When hitting the bag make sure to exhale and when pulling the arm back, inhale. If you are going for speed, pick an arm that designates it.
  6. Use Your Entire Body – The punch starts from the ground up. Using your entire body including movement from your core, versus just throwing your arms at it, will build a powerful and explosive punch.
  7. Retract Punches– Always retract punches back to your face/head. Just like in tip number two, keeping your hands by your face, and not down by your waist, helps to add proper technique and power. Great punches come from up top, not down at the waist!
  8. Work That Bag! – Work the bag up and down. Don’t just hit it all in one spot. Make sure to hit it high and low. HEAD SHOT – BODY SHOT.
  9. Movement is Key – Moving while punching is what adds even more power! As you work around the bag, step into punches, and use your body as much as possible. Think about making the bag fall off those chains!
  10. Stay Relaxed – Relaxing is probably the last thing you think about in this power packed workout. But staying relaxed actually allows your body to move quicker and more fluidly. That means more SPEED and more POWER!

Work on these ten tips when going into your next BoxUnion class and we guarantee you’ll feel a better burn than ever before.