We’ve all been in that position before! That’s why at BoxUnion we pride ourselves in being a fun, welcoming community with the sole mission of making you sweat, smile, and share in the incredible physical and mental benefits of boxing. No experience is necessary. Our classes led by our talented, inspiring, and highly-trained Coaches are designed for all fitness and boxing levels. They can be modified and taken at your own pace so you can always turn the heat down (or up!) on your terms.

New to Boxing?
New to Boxing to the Beat?

Then there’s no better place to start your journey than with our Intro to Boxing class. In this more intimate class setting (max 10 boxers per class), we spend the extra time breaking down and teaching the boxing fundamentals so that you gain the confidence needed and feel fully prepared to take on our Signature class. We cover stance, footwork, the ‘6 punches’, and basic defense, as well as how to box to the beat and why we do it. Although this is an Intro Class, you can expect the full BoxUnion experience! Learn how to find your flow and start to let your inner fighter out! 🥊


Prepping For Class

Have hand wraps and gloves? Bring ’em! If you don’t, no stress — we have wraps for purchase and and fresh gloves to rent for $10. Grab our $20 First Timer Offer and wraps and glove rentals are FREE your first visit.

Please wear athletic attire that you can sweat in. We require shoes to be worn at all times in the studio.

Bottled water and Celsius Energy Drinks are available for sale at the studio or fill up at our alkaline H2O station.


For your first class, we ask that you arrive 30 minutes early so that you’re set up for the best first experience possible!

Once at the studio, one of our Front Desk team members will give you a studio tour, get your hands wrapped, go over class expectations, and introduce you to your Coach.

Then, it’s GO TIME 🔥

Our Signature Class

Through a thoughtful progression of warm-up drills, shadowboxing, HIIT exercises, rounds on the heavy bag, and abs/core work, our Signature class is geared to fire up your entire body and help you relieve every little bit of stress.

Each workout centers around a Weekly Boxing Focus and supporting Combo of the Day to develop your skills and build your fitness week over week.

This results in an engaging, constantly evolving workout that is designed to propel you to reach your goals faster!

Box to the Beat

We know you’re probably asking yourself why ‘Box to the Beat’? Here’s our answer:

  1. It allows us to keep a true fighter’s pace so that you get a kickass workout
  2. It helps us nail down technique through repetition
  3. It clears our minds by pushing us into a flow state
  4. It makes the workout FUN and builds togetherness

Others may say they box to beat, but they don’t box to the beat like we box to the beat.

Not Just Stronger Boxers but Stronger People

Over everything, we are dedicated to showing people of all ages, shapes, and abilities that there is no feeling like ripping a heavy bag! A feeling of empowerment and resilience that you can take with you anywhere you go and in everything you do!

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The Studio

Our studio has been designed to maximize your workout. Specialized flooring allows for high impact absorption and energy return. State of the art heavy bags are filled with water and high-density foam to protect the hands and joints as you crush your training. We also have lockers and showers for your convenience—restrooms are stocked with premium products and all your favorite amenities.