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The Workout

We combine mind, body, music and boxing in a hyper-efficient total body workout. With every punch we throw – and we throw a lot of them, stress is released and strength is built. You will leave class not only dripping in sweat, but feeling empowered and confident. The best part? No experience is necessary and it’s really freaking fun!

Box to the Beat

Boxing to the beat of the music is not just fun—it’s a philosophy. It engages the brain, reinforces learning patterns and pushes the body beyond perceived mental limitations. When the beat is flowing, we are boxing, moving and achieving as a team.

Build Combinations

Every day we introduce a combination that incorporates punches and other defensive movements. Why? Whether you’re gloving up for the first time or you have competed in the ring, it builds your boxing skills. You will never repeat the same class so you never get bored. It engages the mind with energized focus. And let’s be honest, it just feels so damn good when you nail that combo.

Guided Meditative Fitness

BoxUnion is a meditative fitness experience designed to help you find your flow state. Said simply, when you are fully absorbed in your combination and workout, it is impossible to think about anything else—space, worries and time slip away. Our inspirational coaches serve as your corner man in this journey to unlock your potential. With a free mind, you can strive for greatness inside and outside of the studio.



Designed for all levels, this high energy, music-driven fitness boxing workout combines cardio, shadowboxing, HIIT, body-weight strength and individual heavy bag training for a sweat inducing, mind and body experience (45 minutes or 1-hour burn).


Learn to box – our treat! Intro to Boxing is a hands on complimentary class for newcomers or boxers looking for a refresh. Your coach will walk you through stance, the six punches and how to excel in BoxUnion’s  Signature Classes! Only 15 spots available per class.


Our Champion Training provides a one-on-one opportunity to grow, move and advance with the individual attention of an expert coach. Available in-studio or at home for an additional travel fee.

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