The Workout

Achieve your wellness goals with BoxUnion’s full-body boxing inspired fitness classes, featuring high-intensity cardio and muscle-sculpting strength training. Access our workouts in our Los Angeles area studios or anywhere in the world through our sister brand, TITLE On Demand.


Our MOVE TO THE BEAT methodology is not just FUN—it’s a philosophy. It engages the brain, reinforces learning patterns and pushes the body beyond perceived mental limitations. When the beat is flowing, we are moving and achieving as a team.


Born out of our fan favorite Signature boxing class, our online and outdoor classes now span Boxing, Sculpt, Strength, HIIT, Yoga and Stretching so you have everything you need to achieve your goals in just one place.


BoxUnion is a meditative fitness experience designed to help you find your FLOW STATE. Said simply, when you are fully absorbed in your workout, it is impossible to think about anything else. Our inspirational coaches serve as your cornermen in this journey to unlock your potential. With a free mind, you can strive for greatness inside and outside of the studio.


Shadowbox Signature

Designed for all levels, this high energy, music-driven cardio boxing workout combines shadowboxing, HIIT and bodyweight strength for a sweat-inducing, mind and body experience. No bag required.

Heavy Bag Signature

Our classic Signature class – perfect for anyone with an at-home heavy bag (link to shop). Can also be done without a bag.

Shadowbox Signature + Weights

30 minutes high-energy shadowboxing & HIIT. 15 minutes of low-impact sculpting & toning with weights.


A full body cardio workout and bodyweight strength training class that combines boxing exercises with dynamic movements for a maximum calorie burning fat scorching workout.


Lower body high impact cardio, strength and toning class with dynamic movements such as running and jumping. High and low impact offered.


Yoga like you have never experienced before – connect your mind, body and breath – all to the beat of the music.


Full recovery to restore and refresh your body before and after your workout.