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Whether it’s hitting mitts, strengthening technique, building muscle or stretching it out— we want to make your goals, our goals. In Champion Training, we will tailor every move to YOU, including:

  • Focusing on boxing speed and agility
  • Conditioning through cardio and strength-training
  • Shadowboxing like a pro
  • Stretching and improving posture
  • Understanding how your body works and how to train it efficiently
  • Learning the mechanics of boxing
  • Increasing cardio stamina

Ready to make it a private party? Train with the people who motivate you most. Small group training available for 3-5 people at just $50/person.


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  • LIVE classes in your home multiple times a day across multiple modalities
  • All the classes you have come to love on our IG Live – Signature, HIIT and Legs, Butt, Core
  • 24/7 access to On-Demand content with new content drops weekly
  • Multiple beat-based workouts – spanning boxing to cardio to strength

Stay healthy, de-stress and sweat right from home!