Boxing – The Ultimate Stress Reliever

Work, kids, schedules, commitments, weight, relationships, money, moving, weather, traffic, taxes, politics, news, current events, school, marriage, responsibilities and so much more are all reasons people site that cause them stress. Think about how many of those things are a part of your every day life.


Stress negatively  impacts the body and your health. It causes headaches, depression, insomnia, risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, tense muscles, digestion issues, worse immune systems and risk of infertility. “These stress hormones are the same ones that trigger your body’s “fight or flight” response. Your heart races, your breath quickens, and your muscles ready for action. This response was designed to protect your body in an emergency by preparing you to react quickly. But when the stress response keeps firing, day after day, it could put your health at serious risk,” states The American Institute of Stress.

Those stats aren’t acceptable to us and we want people to feel their best. Luckily, there’s an amazing stress reliever that isn’t a prescription medication and anyone can do it. It’s boxing!

Doctors, therapists and medical professionals are recommending boxing as a form of treatment for stress and anxiety. BoxUnion, we believe that we champion the fighting spirit in everyone through an authentic, transformative, full-body workout that unlocks your inner power. Stress and anxiety don’t hold a candle to the power that’s inside you. If you’re dealing with stress and anxiety, today is the day that all changes.


Why Boxing for Stress Relief?


Boxing is a physical, emotional and mental connection within your body. It’s you and the bag. Whatever is going on in your life and head, take it out on the bag. Boxing and the heavy bag are an outlet for people to release the build up of stress in their lives. “Physically, hitting a punching bag produces a response in your body that helps to relieve tension. Symbolically, you may picture the punching bag or pillow as representative of your stress,” Rachel Nall, Livestrong. Physically you’re hitting the bag and relieving that tension in your body and muscles. Mentally, you’re focusing solely on the combination the trainer is calling out and you landing the punches. The mind/body connection helps you relieve the stress for good.

With 33% of our 1,000+ members sighting stress relief as one of the reasons they keep coming back to BoxUnion, you know it’s real! The following are real reviews from members that site stress relief as a part of their workout at BoxUnion.

“BoxUnion is my escape from stress. I love all of the people (coaches and front desk) and the workout is the perfect way to relieve stress and lose weight.”

“The work outs are challenging, make you push yourself. They destroy my stress. I leave tired and sweaty and stress free.”

“The variety, music and it’s a stress reliever for me. I feel like I’m punching out my stress.”

“I’m extremely challenged, but it’s so much of a stress reliever that I don’t want to just walk out on it. I’ve had more stress relieved from this class than I thought possible!”

“It’s a great stress reliever, and it’s so fun!”

“The sweat, letting go of stress as the bag is getting hit”

“It’s the best stress reliever I could have asked for! I also love how the trainers let you push yourself and give you ways to make the workout easier or harder!”

You don’t have to live through extreme stress and anxiety. Boxing can be an outlet for you mentally and physically. You are strong. You are worth it. You can live the life you want to live. We want to help you take your stress out in a healthy way. Visit any of our locations to learn more about membership options and come try a class with us!

We’re in your corner.