Fitness Workout App: What Makes BoxUnion Digital Different?

These days it feels like everyone is offering online streaming classes for at home workouts. So, what makes BoxUnion Digital’s fitness workout app different?

We reached out to the BoxUnion Digital community and team and here are the top 3 reasons why they love BoxUnion Digital’s fitness workout app.

1. It Fits in With YOUR Schedule

“I love that these workouts require minimal equipment and they have different lengths so I can always squeeze in a class.” – current digital subscriber

BoxUnion Digital’s fitness workout app gives you the convenience of anytime, anywhere. Not only can you access workouts 24/7, but you can also access workouts based on the amount of time you have available. Each workout is designed to meet you where you are – no matter your experience level, fitness level or the amount of time you have in a day.

The app features 10-minute workouts all the way up to 45-minute classes with a variety of coaches that you can stream daily. Now the statement “I don’t have time” can no longer be an excuse! Even if you only have 15 minutes in between meetings you can pop on the app and strengthen your core or tone your arms.

2. It Fits in With YOUR Goals and Workout Style

“I have always wanted to learn boxing and improve my strength and conditioning. BoxUnion has already transformed my body over the last 3 weeks. I now workout 6 days a week. I already feel happier!” – current digital subscriber

Cross training is important to your overall health. With this fitness workout app you can change up your workout daily, learn a new skill and have fun all while achieving your goals. With over 10 different categories of workouts you can lose weight, tone and sculpt; and increase your endurance, mobility and mindset. Not to mention that you can pair shorter workouts together, using the “Length” section, to focus on specific areas of the body and really design a workout that works best for you.

BoxUnion Digital has made the workouts more accessible by designing the class with no equipment necessary. Each coach also points out modifications during each class just in case you are nursing an injury or want to be a polite upstairs neighbor. Not to worry, if you happen to have weights, resistance bands, and/or a heavy bag, you can put them to use during some of the classes. This all in one app trains the mind just as much as the body. BoxUnion’s unique style of rhythm-based workouts give you the opportunity to tap into a meditative flow. Each category offers a variety of different workouts such as, jump rope, low impact training and dumbbell work. BoxUnion Digital’s workouts will challenge your inner and outer fighter every time you open the app.

BoxUnion Digital Modalities

3. It Brings the Community to YOU

“It’s one of the only platforms that you can actually feel the energy through the screen! Thank you for creating such an awesome space in a virtual world!” – current digital subscriber

With millions of workouts online and a variety of apps to choose from you are almost always going to get a great workout. We know that. But we also know that BoxUnion is all about our community. Our community is what motivates us to keep growing and creating new content. We know working out from home isn’t everyone’s favorite thing – you miss the energy of a group fitness class, the conversations you have with people before and after class or just the accountability of signing up and showing up. We have even seen our coaches learn how to adapt from in-person classes to the digital screen over the last few months.

The in-app commenting feature during live classes and BoxUnion Digital’s Facebook community is a great way to connect with like-minded people all across the globe. You can share weight loss stories, recipes, chat with our coaches and find your team to hold you accountable. In a time where connection is the currency, BoxUnion wants to make sure you have the tools ready and available to be stronger and better together.

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So, to answer the question in the title… “What makes BoxUnion Digital’s fitness workout app different?” the answer is clear — It’s the community, it’s the accessibility and variety, and it’s the high energy BoxUnion coaches that will help you reach your goals and find your inner and outer fighter. We know there is a fighter in everyone and it’s our job to help you hone in on what fighter means to you and make sure you let it out!

Join BoxUnion Digital today with a 14-day free trial! Use the code STAYSTRONG for an extra 33% off your first two months and gain 24/7 access to hundreds of classes, a variety of motivational coaches that will push to you reach your goals. Use the fitness workout app anytime, anywhere to maximize your potential.

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