8 Ways At-Home Workouts Increase Energy & Focus

We have been stuck at home for months and the fatigue is hitting and it’s hitting hard. Thankfully, at-home workouts can help! I know working out is often the last thing you want to do when you are tired. However, consistently working out can improve your energy and focus. With everything going on in the world today, at-home workouts can keep your mind and body happy and healthy.

Here are 8 reasons at-home workouts can increase your energy and focus –

1. Increase Endorphins –Endorphins are your body’s natural hormone that gets released in your body when you move or need a rush of energy. At home workouts can increase your endorphin levels creating more consistent energy throughout the day. It’s that ‘runners high’ feeling that people get during their run. The sudden rush of endorphins creates a euphoria feeling thereby elevating your mood.

2. Reduce Stress – At BoxUnion Digital we love the term ‘punch it out.’ Even if you are shadowboxing at home there is just something that feels so good about punching it out. Reducing stress improves so many facets of your everyday life: processing information, relationships, energy, focus, ability to deal with challenges and handle future stress. For many of us, our work, gym, school, etc. all exist in our home. We must make time for ourselves and find ways to cope with all the stress that is being thrown at us during this time.

3. Decrease Fatigue – Being stuck at home is tiring! We don’t get to do the things we used to, and it is exhausting being confined to a different lifestyle and not knowing when things will return to the way they were. It may seem counterintuitive but expending energy regularly with at-home workouts can pay off with an overall increase in energy. Creating a routine and sticking to it will help increase energy and focus throughout your day.

4. Better Sleep – I know I mentioned the ‘runners high’ above, but not everyone loves running, including me. A study showed that resistance training and/or weightlifting can reduce anxiety and improve overall sleep. A good night’s sleep can increase your mood immensely. Good sleep habits provide long-term physical and mental health benefits such as a stronger immune system, steadier blood sugar and a healthier heart.

5. Self-Awareness – It is important to try different forms of exercise to see what works for you! There are many different types of at-home workouts to improve your energy and focus. Everything from HIIT, long distance running, to low-impact strength training can boost your energy. Exploring what workouts (outside, in a gym or even at home) work best for you can help you learn more about yourself and your interests. Creating that self-awareness not only helps with your mental health but can allow you to connect with like-minded people.

6. Social Connection – Whether it’s in a group fitness class, seeing other people outside or having the coach cheer you on through the screen during your at-home workout, you can feel the energy of other people. When the workout is tough and you don’t feel like you can do anymore, there is someone around you, motivating you to push yourself just a little bit further. That combination of energy and community can help you push yourself further and feel stronger and braver than before. It is easier to stay committed to your fitness goals if you have the support of others! If you don’t have workout buddies you can join a Facebook group and engage with likeminded who will help keep you accountable, driven, and focused on hitting your goals.

7. Meditation Flow – The strength that comes from completing a tough workout can make you feel like you can take on the world. Not only will you have a boost of energy from your body releasing endorphins but putting yourself through an intense workout can clear your mind thereby bring you peace and calm, and perhaps a new perspective to a situation. No matter how long the workout is, you can put your mind into a meditative flow state which helps increase concentration and focus throughout the day.

 8. Long-Term Health – Taking care of your physical health on a daily basis can help prevent future wear and tear. We only have one body. Consistent exercise will lead to stronger bones, better heart health, and can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

Take the time for yourself – even when you think there is no time in the day, make time and squeeze in a workout. Create space for your at-home workouts! Push your coffee table aside or carve out a small space in your bedroom. You don’t need a lot of room and your don’t need equipment to make yourself a priority.  Remember, regularly working out can help you boost your mood, clear your thoughts and give you long term mental and physical health benefits. Who doesn’t want that?