Tara Dunham

Master Coach

  • Hometown: Champaign, IL
  • Favorite Boxer: Muhammad Ali
  • Dinner With One Person: My grandparents
  • Favorite Punch: That CROSS
  • Walkout Song: Dior – Pop Smoke

From the Midwest, Tara was a dancer for 15 years. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in economics, she skipped her corporate interviews and joined the fitness industry just 3 days after graduation. With now over 5 years of experience in teaching group fitness and a fierce, determined and passionate drive to motivate through movement, Tara will get you crushing the bag and your goals.


"My classes athletic and challenging but also fun and welcoming! I want my boxers to feel grounded and empowered when they walk out my class. I’ll push you to your greatest self, all you have to do is show up!"


  • Pop Smoke

  • Odeza

  • T.I.