Box to the Beat

Everything we do, we do to the
rhythm of the music

More than a Workout

De-stress and leave stronger in mind
(not just body)

Punch It Out

Total body boxing workout to develop
your inner fighter

The Workout

BoxUnion is a 45-minute fitness boxing class that features high-intensity cardio, muscle sculpting strength training and TONS of punches. With the lights low, we box in unison to the rhythm of your favorite music. Our captivating coaches guide you through a powerful mind and body experience designed to bring out your inner champion.

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First Timers

We’ve got your back. Our first timer ambassador will set you up for success. We will get you geared up with wraps and gloves, teach you the punches and ensure your experience is a knockout.

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Private Training

Our Champion Training provides a one-on-one opportunity to grow, move and advance with the individual attention of an expert coach (60 minutes). Available in-studio or at home for an additional travel fee.

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"I am a lot happier, I worry and stress way less than I used to, and I am more confident. I speak up more, say no to thinks I don’t want to do, and have a better sense of who I am."

Joe K.

"I struggle with depression and ADHD, so BoxUnion is critical as it helps me…manage stressors proactively, and not be reactive"


"This place has literally increased my happiness!!"

Straight U.