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My BoxUnion Story: Lauren Jane Levine

We were lucky enough to sit down with one of our amazing boxers, Lauren, and speak with her about her experience with BoxUnion. Lauren has been attending classes since the first week the studio opened. She brings in a smile that lights up the room. She is also a schoolteacher, and after a long day of catering to everyone else’s needs, we can only imagine how difficult it must be to rush over to a workout class. We were curious to ask her some questions about what brought her in, and what keeps her coming back.

Lauren reminisced about her first experience coming to a class, “When I heard BoxUnion was opening I messaged Felicia and I said, ‘I don’t know why but I feel like your gym is going to be where I lose the rest of my weight’ […] When I walked in for my first class, Kyle already knew my name and was expecting me. So yeah, that made it awesome. And after the second class, I bought my own gloves.” It’s not always easy walking into a brand new space and attempting a workout you’ve never done before. Lauren is the first to admit that her first class was challenging. “I hardly left the floor,” she said. This clearly did not stop her: “When I first saw Jack Squats I laughed. And then this morning I taught my friend how to do jack squats. Like, how is that a thing?”

After a long day, through sore muscles, crappy weather, or an overbooked calendar, we wanted to know what keeps Lauren coming back? “It’s hard to describe all the things BoxUnion has done for me. You guys always say build your community. And it’s really true. I mean, I have 20 new contacts on my phone of people who I met here, including instructors, other guests, people who I’ve met outside. It makes me want to come back. I’ve never wanted to do something with such regularity before—I paid for gym memberships for years and just didn’t go. This is different.” Lauren pushes through tears, “I also went through a divorce when I first started coming here and the way that strangers embraced me was truly amazing.”

Ok, Lauren, one more question. How do you describe your inner fighter? “I find my inner fighter on our speed punches—I think Aaron calls it the shoe-shine. There are some days when I’m at school, so tired, and I can’t get to BoxUnion for another 13 hours, but I close my eyes and think back to last night’s class, where I was punching the bag with speed. I tell myself, ‘Ok. I couldn’t do that before.’ So if I think that I can’t talk with this challenging parent, or resolve a sticky situation between kids, I can. Because I have found my fighter. I have done it here.”

BU Lauren. We love you just the way you are!

Lauren is currently working toward her goal of being a “100 pound loser” and has lost 70 pounds to date. Follow her story using hashtag #100lbloser.

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