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Less WORK, More PARTY!

Let’s face it—some days, working out is easier than others. However, even on the days when your feet are dragging, your mind is racing, or your body is aching, we try to make your workouts feel less like work, and more like a Punch party, a release, and a cathartic experience.

Here are some tips to achieving this both inside and outside of the studio from our very own, Sydney Rose:

Move the beat! We are big believers in the power of music, and using rhythm to inform our movements. Music is scientifically proven to increase the effectiveness of our workout and it makes sense. When the beat drops on your favorite song, your mind tells your body to go harder!

Why do it alone when it’s more fun together? Another reason we use rhythm-based movements in our classes is that it provides a format for us all to move in unison. If you haven’t worked out next to someone you love, we recommend it. When you feel like giving up, it’s that much more important to have someone around you to help fuel your fire. And knowing that your energy is exactly what someone else might need that day may continue to motivate you as well.

Wear your favorite gear! We know, it’s not a beauty contest. But there is absolutely no shame in sporting your favorite new gear to give you the boost you need for your workout. Check yourself out while you workout! Celebrate yourself, your progress, your cute outfit, and anything else that might be striking your fancy that day!

There is simply no reason to make working out feel like a chore when there is so much fun to have. Our biggest piece of advice is find what works for you. Make goals, work together with the people you love to accomplish them with, and don’t forget to celebrate your successes!

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