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Healthy for the Holidays

We’ll be boxing to the beat all Thanksgiving morning—check out our holiday schedule!

The holidays are times where we spread gratitude, exchange gifts, gather together with family and friends, and inevitably, drink and eat a lot of delicious things. May we enjoy, relax, let lose and indulge, without regressing on the amazing progress we have built in respect to our health goals? Of course! Here are a few tips:

Hydration Station! Drink lots of water. It’s a simple task, but makes a huge difference. Try carbonated water or adding lemon to your water if you’re not a big water drinker naturally.

Pass the Veggies. (And the fruit). Not all calories are equal. If you stack your holiday meal plate with 70% veggies, you are bound to leave the table feeling so much better!

MOVE YOUR BODY AND DE-STRESS! Before, during and after the holidays. Our body continues burning calories hours after we work out. Our metabolism is extra efficient, and we have more energy. Bonus Points: join us for our 1 hour Holiday Burn class at 11:30 AM this Thanksgiving with Sydney Rose. De-stressing with some punches on the bag puts ourselves in a healthy mindset that lasts the whole day. While the holidays can be chaotic, be sure to take that 45-minute to an hour break, and make some YOU time.

We are Guilt Free Here. Never torture yourself with guilt. We are human. Part of being human is having patience with out process, and allowing ourselves to fall off the bandwagon once in a while. So if all the rest of these tips go out the window, remember this: love yourself, love your choices, and embrace your “slip-ups”.

Happy Holidays! And remember to always BU.

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