Cory Booker

  • Hometown: Bloomington, MN
  • Favorite Boxer: Mike Tyson
  • Dinner with One Person: Paul Rudd
  • Favorite Punch: Nothin’ wrong with a good ol 2
  • Walkout Song: F**k Up Some Commas – Future

Cory has been in athletics and the performing arts growing up as a dancer and collegiate-level basketball player. While pursuing his professional dance career out in Los Angeles, Cory found a deeper love and appreciation for fitness. After experiencing BoxUnion for the first time, he knew this was an amazing opportunity to entertain, inspire, and bring a smile to people’s faces!


"Cory is all about bringing nothing but positive vibes, good music, and energy to his classes. It’s all about feeling better than when you first walked in. Don’t worry if you’ve had a bad day and stress is keeping you tight, your boi Cbook will get you right!!!"


  • Missy Elliot

  • Diplo

  • Drake