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A bicycle built for two, ping-pong and SWEATING—Some activities are just better together.  Here’s our top reasons why boxing with a buddy is sometimes best.

1.     Friends keep you accountable: It’s one thing to justify skipping a class to yourself (whatever the excuse, it always sounds better in your head), its another thing to actually have to say it out loud to a friend. Friends keep us on point and we do the same for them!

2.     You pick up on each other’s energy: We are big believers in feeding off of the energy of your team. When everyone is moving, sweating and hitting the bag in unison, you feel unstoppable. On average, you’ll burn 41 more calories per session exercising with your plus one than you would solo, says a UK study*.

3.     You can make a day out of it: Don’t just stop at boxing. Get a coffee or brunch and take time to reconnect. There is no better way to de-compress than sweating, socializing and catching up on stories.

4.     A little competition never hurt: Use technology to make things it a little more interesting. Grab a pair of Hykso punch trackers from the front desk and go head to head on punch count. From boxer Stephanie M, “My sister got me and my dad the punch trackers for Christmas. We box together every Saturday and have a little friendly competition going on the punch count. We are in a race to see who can get to 2018 punches first in the New Year. If one of us can’t go, we just send screenshots to each other.”

5.     It builds community: Having a friend can help you feel a little more confident and outgoing. Friends naturally put is in a talkative and outgoing state of mind, we are far more likely to introduce ourselves to our neighbors when we are in the lobby or first bump someone new across the row.


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