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Staying true to yourself is a phrase we hear often. While the concept is solid, it is the type of sentiment that can often fall under the category of “easier said than done”. Is it really that simple to just be yourself? We went to our BoxU community and asked their best advice on what it means to “Be You.”

“Being you means finding the things in life that makes it feel like it’s Christmas every day, gets your blood pumping and makes you feel alive.”   – Corina

“You stay true to yourself by knowing exactly who you are and exactly what you stand for. Listen to the voice from within before hearing anyone else’s. Trust your intuition!”   – Deja

“The key is to focus on feeding YOUR soul, not the mouths of others who are concerned with what you do or don’t do.”   – Adrienne

“The key to being YOU is tunnel vision — tuning out anything that brings negative energy your way. Fully trust in all of your capabilities and remain strong in your convictions. BE YOURSELF, NO MATTER WHAT.”   – Kyle

“Find the spaces that allow you to be vulnerable and fearless. Then take a deep breath and ask your heart what it wants. Work on supporting and backing up WHATEVER that is!”   – Sydney Rose

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