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Achieve your boxu goals through small habit changes

Establishing habits can be a powerful tool in overcoming even the most challenging obstacles. Follow a few simple steps to knock out your goals in 2018.

1. Set a Goal. Write down a specific and actionable goal—maybe its 20 pushups in a row, learning how to cook, or nailing that footwork on your left hook—big or small, goals motivate and inspire us to push farther and follow our dreams.

Write your goal on the #BOXUGOAL window the next time you are in the studio to proudly remind yourself of the end game.

2. Put your brain to work. Every marathon starts with a single step and the best way to do something is to DO SOMETHING. Identify a specific action you can build upon to achieve your goal. For example, one extra class per week to work on that 1-2-slip-2. Habits are the brain’s “life hack” to induce efficiency and productivity. By adding just one new routine to your day, your brain transforms these tasks and behaviors into habits and quickly begins to do them without thinking, thus freeing up more brainpower to tackle even more new challenges.

3. Make it a habit: In THE POWER OF HABIT, author Charles Duhigg describes the vital importance of establishing habits. When we begin a new action, our brains and bodies are on overload as they process new information. As we start to understand how an action works, the behavior becomes more automatic and the mental/physical activity required to do the action lessens. Think about the first time you tried to throw a jab, and then think about how much more natural the movement became after just a couple of classes.

4. Have fun and surround yourself with a positive community! Grab your co-worker or friend and turn your #BOXUGOAL into a little competition, reward yourself with a new pair of gloves, track your progress on IG Stories to inspire others! Life is too short to not enjoy the journey.

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